We have great support from our sponsors, and are always looking for more sponsors that will be a part of our team, and help us on our way to the top!

Are you, or your company interested in a sponsorship agreement with us, don’t hesitate to contact us, every small effort is welcome!

We can offer you commercial place on our cars, clothes and sled, also on the webpage, and Facebook page. We can also participate in events with you.

pondus_logga_bg_rounded Pondus färskfoder ges morgon och kväll, som soppa för att få i hundarna vätska, och som en del av huvudmålet för att ge optimala förutsättningar! Ett lokalproducerat foder, med bra råvaror, något som vi tycker är viktigt! /Pondus meat made for dogs are perfect to make soup for the dogs to make sure they get enough water, we give this 2 times every day, and it is a part of the main meal to give the dogs all they need!

djurapoteket_logo_pms321_payoff Svenska Djurapoteket is also a big part of our team, we give our dogs Bloodpowder, Athlete, Kelp and Spirulina from ”Svenska Djurapoteket” We also give the Pemmikan energy bars on races, and it makes the team go all the way, also recover fast after a raceday!! We  have been doing that for some years now, our dogs stay healthy true the season, and it help us to be fit and have power!! THANKS!


Royal Canin gives our dogs energy, and fast recovery, great      fuel all the way!



Den bästa däckfirman i Kiruna, snabb service, trevligt bemötande och bra priser!


logoabiskomountainFör mat, relax, action och boende i Abisko, härlig miljö, den bästa maten och trevligaste personalen!!



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